Exercises That Can Help To Strengthen Your Lower Back To Keep Pain Away

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When you suffer from pain in your lower back, it's a good idea to seek help from a healthcare practitioner who specializes in this type of treatment. After you've put your discomfort behind you, it's important to look for ways to prevent it from returning. In many cases, better posture can help you avoid future problems with lower back pain. However, it's also valuable to think about strengthening this region. When your lower back is stronger, you'll be less likely to slouch, for example. Here are three ways to build strength in this area.


Although the plank is a valuable exercise for strengthening your core, it also helps to build back strength. A plank looks similar to the starting or upper position in a conventional push-up, but the difference is that you hold the position rather than using your arms to propel your body up and down. The chief postural difference is that you rest on your elbows and lower arms, rather than on your hands. Make sure to tighten your abs to help keep your back straight; if your back begins to sag, you may increase your pain. Start by holding the plank for short intervals, such as 15 or 20 seconds, and then gradually build up this time.

Barbell Rows

Barbells rows are another form of strength training that is healthy for your lower back. The beginning position of this exercise is similar to that of a deadlift. However, instead of standing all the way up, you simply pull the barbell up to your hips. The entire time, you should keep your back straight — generally, you'll want it roughly parallel with the floor. As with deadlifts, you should endeavor to start with a light weight of barbell. Some people find that simply lifting a barbell on its own, without weight plates, provides enough resistance.


The Superman exercise gets it name because, as you perform it, your body is in a position that looks as though you're flying through the air. You perform this back-strengthening exercise by lying on the floor on your stomach with your arms stretched out in front of you. Then, at the same time, you simply lift your arms and legs off the floor, holding them there for a few seconds. You'll immediately notice that your back muscles are engaged. You then complete one rep by lowering your limbs back to the floor.

Doing these exercises regularly can help prevent future back pain by strengthening your lower back. For more tips and ideas, contact a local chiropractor or other health practitioner who deals with back pain.