Three Ways To Ease Back Soreness After A Long Day

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Even if you do not have any overt back injuries, there are bound to be times when your back feels tight and sore after a long, active day. Popping pain relievers is one way to improve your comfort, but you do have other, more natural options. Here are three easy ways to ease back soreness after a long and demanding day.

Soak in Epsom Salts

Epsom salts can be purchased at most any pharmacy for just a few dollars per package. Fill a bath tub with warm water, add as many Epsom salts as will dissolve (a few cups will do) and then slip into the bath, lowering your body so your back is submerged fully. The Epsom salts contain magnesium ions, which seep through your skin and into your muscles. This helps to relax your muscles so your back tightness eases. Spending 20 minutes in the bath should be sufficient, but if you're enjoying the relaxation, you can stay in the bath a bit longer without any side effects.

Have Someone Massage You

Massage works to alleviate back pain not only because it removes knots from the muscles,  but also because it promotes circulation to the area, which helps alleviate inflammation. Have a friend or family member apply some oil to your back (this ensures their hands slide over your back more easily), and then instruct them to massage the areas to either side of your spine. Avoid rubbing directly over the spine as this may just make the soreness worse -- there are no muscles there. Have them start with gently pressure and large strokes and progress slowly towards firmer pressure and shorter, more targeted strokes.

Apply Ice

This remedy works best if the soreness is isolated to a specific spot, such as one side of your lower back. You can fill a bag with ice cubes, wrap it in a thin towel, and place it against the sore area. The ice helps alleviate inflammation, and that in turn leads to a reduction in pain and tightness. Leave the ice in place for at least 20 minutes. You can repeat the icing a few hours later if you still have some residual soreness.

If your back is frequently becoming sore, consider seeing a chiropractor. They can adjust your spine to reduce the amount of strain placed on the muscles in your back, which should help keep you comfortable even when you work hard. For more information, contact companies like Fick Chiropractic Centers Inc.