Two Signs That You Might Be Dealing With Vertigo

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The onset of vertigo can be one of the scariest and most confusing experiences in any person's life. You might start to have strange, dizzy-like sensations that you've never had to deal with before. The fear often comes in because the feelings come completely out of the blue and can subside just as quickly as they arrived. Because vertigo can come and go all of a sudden, you might not think there's a serious problem. You may just believe you're going to have to live with it. However, it's important to get diagnosed because there are a range of treatments out there. If you ever experience any of these symptoms, get to a doctor right away.

The Room Seems To Start Spinning

Picture this scenario:  You're sitting down in a waiting room, patiently expecting your name to be called for service. Once you receive the summons, you stand up quickly and begin to gather your things. As you do this the room starts to spin. It's a very frightening feeling and you quickly sit down, grab the arms of the chair and brace yourself. It seems that all you can do is wait for the sensation to stop. And it does. It goes away relatively quickly but leaves behind a flurry of questions and fears.

The above mentioned example is just one way that vertigo can expose itself. It's easy to think that the reason why it seemed that the room was spinning was because you stood up very quickly after sitting for so long. You may reason that the blood had drained downward and you received a residual effect of it rising back up when you stood. While this could be true, the room-spinning is also a classic sign of vertigo. You need to get to a medical professional so they can test you and let you know what's going on.

You Have Migraines Or Nausea

Although you might be medicating yourself for migraines or nausea, the real root of the issue could be vertigo. The motion sickness aspect of vertigo can bring on the migraines and upset your stomach so much that you find yourself vomiting. Instead of treating the symptoms, it's a good idea to find out if vertigo is the culprit.

There are excellent vertigo rehab treatments out there that may be able to help you live a much healthier life. You won't know until you go see a doctor to find out if vertigo is the issue you've been dealing with.