Severe Back Discomfort? Get the Relief You Need

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When severe back pain strikes you, you might do all you can to treat it. But if your efforts only make your pain worse, you need to look elsewhere for relief. Back pain isn't something you want to self-treat. The pain can only get worse with time. Here are possible triggers for your severe back pain and how you can relieve them properly.

Why Do You Suffer From Back Pain?

Back pain can develop from a great number of things, including poor posture, arthritis, and muscle injuries. Health conditions, such as celiac disease, ovarian cysts, gallbladder stones, and kidney infections can aggravate, cause, or trigger back pain. Because many of these conditions occur silently, finding the right treatment for your back pain can be difficult. 

Eating unhealthy foods can potentially affect the muscles and bones in your back. Some unhealthy items can make your stomach and intestines feel bloated and gassy. The bloating may create pressure in your midsection and back region. Your body relieves some of the pressure by taking antacids. But sometimes, even antacids aren't enough to alleviate the pain in your back.

You'll need to devise a different strategy to overcome the severe discomfort in your back.

How Do You Find Real Solutions for Your Pain?

The first step to relieving your discomfort is to avoid eating foods that make you feel bloated and gassy. These items are usually high in fat, such as bacon and french fries. Also, avoid items made with rich ingredients, including pound cake and pies. If you still desire these types of food, try limiting your intake.

The next thing you can do is get plenty of rest. When you sleep soundly at night, your body regenerates itself. You want to give the muscles and bones in your back time to rebuild their cells and recover from the day's stress.

Finally, see a chiropractor for a spinal alignment, massage, and therapy. Your back's tissues can become tense, tired, and stressed from bending, stretching, and other daily actions. The tissues can hurt tremendously from the problems they experience. A chiropractor can adjust the position of your spinal bones, as well as ease the tension in your muscles.

A chiropractic specialist may also use heat therapy to ease your back pain. Heat warms up your muscles, which encourages them to relax at night. 

If you need immediate care for your back pain, contact a chiropractor and schedule your appointment today.