How A Chiropractor May Help After You've Been In A Slip And Fall Accident

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It's a natural instinct when you slip and fall forward to catch yourself with your outstretched arms. However, when your arms take the brunt of the fall, the force travels through your arms and to your back. Even if you don't fracture your wrist or hurt your shoulders, you could end up with serious back pain even though you didn't land on your back. You might also have neck pain due to the whiplash movement of your neck. That's why it is a good idea to see a chiropractor after you've had a slip and fall accident, even if the pain isn't severe right away. Here's how a chiropractor might help.

Thorough Evaluation

Your chiropractor works to figure out how your body was injured during the fall. This may require imaging tests such as an x-ray to make sure you don't have any fractures. A chiropractor works in a holistic manner and realizes that a jolt to your body can cause injury to your spine that is referred to your neck, head, lower back, or hips. While the pain symptoms are treated, the cause of the pain is also determined so it can be corrected and lead to quicker and permanent healing when possible.

Pain Relief Techniques

Your chiropractor may treat you with ice or heat to relieve pain and show you how to do the treatments at home too. In addition, you might be given a gentle massage to relieve tension and stress in sore muscles. Pain relief usually involves natural methods rather than the use of pain killers. However, if your pain is severe, your chiropractor may consult with your regular doctor to decide if medication is the right choice. If you had a bad injury from your fall, you might need a medical team that includes a chiropractor, medical doctor, and physical therapist to get you on your feet as quickly as possible.

Stretches And Exercises

Your chiropractor may teach you exercises and stretches that help your core muscles become stronger so your spine is supported better. Stretches help maintain full range of motion in your neck, shoulders, and back when you may be limiting movement due to pain. Exercises strengthen muscles to keep them from getting weak due to inactivity while you heal. You'll need to learn the proper exercises for your specific injury and it is also important to do them using proper technique so you don't make your injury worse.

Spinal Adjustments

While you may not undergo spinal adjustments right away if you're having painful muscle spasms in your neck or back, your chiropractor may eventually give these treatments to you. The adjustments help realign your spine which may have been jolted when you caught yourself during the fall. Spinal adjustments could be forceful thrusts on your back or they might be given on a moving treatment table depending on your condition.

Seeking medical help right away after a fall is a good idea because prompt treatment might help your condition from getting worse due to swelling and inactivity. If you fell at a business and plan to file a personal injury claim, then prompt medical attention and documentation of your injury and treatment is even more important. For more information, contact establishments like Shaw Chiropractic Group.