Reasons To Visit A Sports Medicine Chiropractor When You're A Weightlifter

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If you have started lifting weights, either to lose weight or train for a sports team, you probably have a set routine for your goals. However, you may want to consider adding visits to a sports medicine chiropractor for the reasons discussed below.

Gives You More Even Results

Whether you are lifting free weights or using a machine, you know that you should always lift the same way with the same amount of weight on each side to develop your muscles evenly. However, if your spine or joints are out of alignment, you may not be moving the same on both sides of your body.

If you are even slightly off in your technique when lifting weights, your muscles will move and develop differently. As a result, you may end up with one arm or leg that is bigger or weaker than the other.

However, if you regularly visit a chiropractor for adjustments, they can help even out your stance so that you move both sides of your body equally. This, in turn, can give you more even results.

Prevents Injury When Lifting

Another advantage of regularly seeing a chiropractor while you are weight training is that the adjustments can help keep you from hurting yourself. If your body is not in proper alignment, and you lift a lot of weight, you could easily shift and strain or tear a muscle.

However, when you receive adjustments, your stance and posture are straighter, which gives you a more even and smoother motion while you train. The adjustments can also help loosen up your muscles so they do not take any added stress, helping to prevent injury.

Speeds Your Recovery 

As you may know, the days following each weightlifting session are when your muscles grow. Your body works to repair the microtears created while lifting weights, helping them become stronger and bulkier.

If you visit your chiropractor after your sessions, the adjustments could help speed up this recovery time. Since your joints are brought back into alignment, the attached muscles are relieved from the pressure caused by ones that are out of place.

This pressure release then allows your body to concentrate solely on the work you did while lifting to help your recovery and possibly speed up your results.

Whether you lift weights as part of your personal or sports training regimen, regularly seeing a chiropractor could help you achieve the results you desire. Contact a sports medicine chiropractor such as Brentwood Spine & Sport for more information or to make an appointment.