FAQs About Spinal Adjustments

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If you have been suffering from back and neck pain, then you might be thinking of visiting a chiropractor for a spinal adjustment. But if this will be your first time undergoing such treatment, you likely have a few questions. Having someone manipulate your spine can be a little scary, but hopefully, after reading the answers to the questions below, you will feel more confident in your decision to have an adjustment.

Will the adjustment hurt?

No! A spinal adjustment will not hurt at all. You may feel and hear a popping noise when your chiropractor moves your vertebrae back into place, and afterwards, you may feel a sense of relief. Some patients are a bit stiff and sore the day after treatment, but this should not be anywhere near significant enough to keep you from going about your daily life.

Is spinal adjustment dangerous?

There is always some risk involved with every treatment, whether that treatment is taking ibuprofen for a sore foot or having your back adjusted by a chiropractor. That being said, the risk of a negative side effect to chiropractic adjustment is very, very low. Make sure you visit a trained and licensed chiropractor. They will evaluate your overall health and the condition of your back before administering any treatment, ensuring that whatever manipulation they do perform is safe for you.

Will your chiropractor use any tools?

This will depend on your chiropractor's preferences and the condition of your back. Some chiropractors prefer to manipulate the spine using only their hands. Others use a small tool called an activator to move your vertebrae. The results are the same with either approach, and neither should cause pain. If you're not comfortable with someone using an activator, then call around to find a chiropractor in your area who does hands-only manipulation. 

Do you have to go back again and again?

In most cases, patients need more than one session in order to experience lasting results from spinal manipulation. How many sessions you need will depend on the severity of your pain and injury. However, you should not have to keep going back again and again throughout your whole life if you do not wish to do so. Regular chiropractic care is helpful for preventative purposes, but not absolutely necessary.

Spinal manipulation is a safe, comfortable, and effective way to improve your health and deal with lingering issues like back pain.