Common Modalities Used By Chiropractors

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When a chiropractor treats your back, they may use a broad range of treatment modalities. It's a great idea to educate yourself on the type of treatment modalities that your chiropractor will use so you can be informed about the treatments you will receive.

Lifestyle Changes

A chiropractor will often prescribe therapeutic exercises to strengthen the patient's body. Carrying out these exercises can reduce pain. They can also improve stability, range of motion, flexibility, and will also protect you from reoccurring injuries. 

In addition to making improvements to your lifestyle, your chiropractor will provide you with advice on how changes to your diet and how an improved diet can positively affect your back after receiving spinal manipulation. Lifestyle choices will not only improve your back health but will improve your overall health. 

High-Tech Treatments

The ultrasound treatment uses sound waves to perform a micro-massage that will reduce swelling and increase your blood flow. With an ultrasound treatment, your chiropractor will be able to reduce stiffness and muscle spasms. Ultrasound can be very effective at treating pain that results from conditions such as osteoarthritis. Usually, the ultrasound treatment must be followed up with a chiropractic adjustment and exercises.

Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation is a muscle stimulation machine that will help relieve back pain. Your chiropractor will allow you to bring the device home. The device uses variable intensities of electrical currents to control pain.

Another alternative is the Interferential Current. With this technology, electrical impulses at a high-frequency fight pain deep within the tissues of your back. This option is often chosen for very sensitive patients. The electrical current is very low so you don't have to worry about experiencing pain.

Finally, there is low-level laser therapy. This type of treatment uses a therapeutic light to deliver energy directly to your muscles. The laser can speed up the process by which your muscles heal and can reduce the amount of back pain that you're experiencing.

Therapeutic Treatments

Hot and cold treatments can help you experience pain relief by increasing the amount of blood flow to the affected area. Icing down the area where you are experiencing pain can numb it and alleviate back pain. Chiropractors will often recommend massage and soft tissue mobilization. The chiropractor will knead your muscles and joints to relieve tension. Also, spinal traction can be applied to distract areas of the spine.

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