How Chiropractors Treat Migraines

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Migraines are among the worst types of pain people experience. A migraine is much more than a headache. In fact, migraines have a variety of symptoms beyond headaches, including hallucinations, sensitivity to light, nausea, and more.

The good news is that chiropractors can treat migraines. These techniques are among the most popular options used by chiropractors to treat migraines.

Chiropractic Alignment

Spinal manipulation is one way to treat migraines. Spinal manipulation with the hands or an assistive tool can help adjust the body for improved alignment. This can also put less pressure on some parts of the body, including the neck and shoulders.

Massage Therapy

Tension in your muscles can impact your migraines, making them more frequent. You may benefit from massage therapy in this case as it can improve your blood circulation. Your muscles will also ease up, feeling more relaxed so you can feel peaceful and less likely to experience a migraine.

Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger point therapy, a sort of massage therapy, focuses on trigger points in the neck, shoulder, back, and head. This style of massage relaxes the muscles, relieves tension throughout the body, and improves blood flow. This helps relieve some of the pressure in the body that causes migraines and other types of pain.

Stress Management

Chiropractors often encourage different stress management techniques. These techniques are beneficial for helping you relieve tension in your body naturally. The steps you take now can make it much easier for your body to release stress, and your emotional state can follow suit.

Nutrition Counseling

You may also be able to reduce your migraines by changing the way you eat. Your diet has a lot to do with your wellness, and some foods can trigger migraines easily. If you log your diet, you may be able to pinpoint the food items that cause your migraines.

Education & Lifestyle Recommendations

Lifestyle recommendations can help you avoid common triggers associated with migraines and other types of headaches. Your chiropractor can help you understand how to identify potential triggers so you can avoid them in the future. For example, you may learn to identify the certain lights, smells, and postures that contribute to your pain.

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