How Chiropractic Care Eases Long- And Short-Term Back Pain

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If you struggle with back pain, one option is to see a chiropractor. They can perform what's known as a spinal adjustment, which should alleviate your back pain short term. If you keep up with regular adjustments every few weeks, usually for a period of at least a couple of months, then you can also experience long-term relief from back pain. But how, exactly, does chiropractic care manage to address back pain? The following are a few ways in which it works.

Releasing Tension on Muscles

Whether your back is out of alignment, you have a slipped disc, or a ligament has been strained, improper positioning of the spine puts stress and tension on the muscles that run down either side of the spine. Quite often, when you feel back pain, it is in these muscles rather than the spine itself. Adjusting the spine releases tension, which allows the muscles to relax. When they are relaxed, the pain is reduced or may become completely diminished.

Releasing Pressure on Nerves

When the spine is pulling the muscles tight, those muscles may also be pressing on various nerves that run along and off of the spine. That pressure can make the nerves more reactive, which can compound the pain and tension you feel in your back. In some cases, the spine itself may even be pushing on or impinging on certain nerves. An adjustment will release both kinds of tension on the nerves, thereby reducing your pain.

Alleviating Stress

Stress tends to make pain worse. If the pain in your back is ordinarily low level, for example, it may feel worse when you are stressed out. An adjustment can reduce your stress levels, thereby reducing your pain. Some people feel that a wave of stress relief washes over them as soon as their back is adjusted. Others say this effect takes longer to develop. The stress relief is partially due to the fact that an adjustment reduces pressure on nerves related to the stress response. However, being able to sit, walk, and even sleep more comfortably after an adjustment can also help you feel less stressed.

If you struggle with back pain, seeing a chiropractor can be a safe and effective way to reduce that pain. Make sure you tell your chiropractor where the pain is the worst, as this can guide them in adjusting your spine. For more information on pain relief chiropractic treatment, contact a professional near you.